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Building it Green

I opened the doors of Straight Builders, Inc. in 2005, but I have worked in the San Francisco Bay Area construction industry since 1981. SBI is a contracting firm specializing in the renovation and construction of residential and commercial properties.

Green Building in the San Francisco Bay Area

We are working toward becoming a leader in sustainable construction methods through implementing the use of green products in all of our projects whenever possible. This means specifying materials that are long-lasting, sustainably produced, locally available, and energy efficient. As a conscientious general contractor, it is my responsibility to bring green ideas into every facet of the construction process.

Our office is sensitive to making recycling, reusing and “buying right” a top priority. SBI has a responsible “e-recycling “ practice of all electronic devices and we practice eco-friendly project/office cleaning. SBI also diverts an average of 75% of our construction and demolition debris for recycling and re-use.

SBI was one of the first contractors to register with the S.F. Environment Dept. and conform to the July 1, 2006 ordinance No. 27-06, adopted to maximize the recycling of mixed construction and demolition waste materials.

SBI’s team of vendors and subcontractors is committed to the environment. From our plumbing contractor who makes it mandatory for his staff to attend annual workshops on sustainable construction methods to our cabinet makers who only work with FSC Certified materials, Straight Builders, Inc.’s pledge to our clients is simply to consider the most sustainable methods and materials available for the construction of their project.

As the President of SBI I am committed to “self-education” within the current sustainable methodologies. I have and continue to attend conferences and teachings on the latest techniques of sustainable construction. It is SBI’s belief that well informed “green design” can enhance the sustainability, livability and aesthetics of any construction project.

Best Regards,

David C. Straight